Drugmakers take aim at pharmaceutical instruments maker

A new drugmaker has launched an attack on pharmaceutical manufacturers, launching an attack by its own product against its competitor.

Mylan has launched a campaign called ‘Drugs That Work’ that argues that its products help patients who can’t take their own.

It’s aimed at drugmakers and other manufacturers, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, which is owned by Pfizer, whose own product is a ‘prescription’ drug.

Mylin has branded the generic drug Aspergel, which it said had a ‘better’ rate of efficacy compared to Bristol-Meyers SquiBrisbane-based GlaxoSmithKline.

The drug is also available through generic drugmaker Pfizer.

“Drugs that work”, the campaign says, is a brand of generic drug sold by Bristol- Myers Squab.

It also includes the generic product Gluconate, which Bristol-MYERS has licensed and branded as an ‘accelerated’ treatment.

“Aspergels effectiveness is not comparable to the standard of care of a GP, or the standard that is prescribed to patients with other diseases,” it says.

Mysln claims it can reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for patients with diabetes.

Its generic drug has been approved for use in Europe, Australia, Canada, the US, and Mexico.

In a statement, Mysln said it has been working closely with Bristol- MYERS Squibbs doctors and pharmacists on the campaign, which was launched yesterday.

“This is the first time we have had to defend ourselves against the attacks of our competitors and now we must defend ourselves again, we must win the day,” it said.

The company has been using social media to highlight the controversy.MYSLIN’S CUTTLETS’The campaign has attracted the attention of drugmakers who have attacked the generic competition.

Glaxo-SmithKampff, which has a major presence in Australia, said it was not surprised by Bristol’s decision to launch a campaign.

“Glaxos drugs are now available for sale in Australia and have been approved by the FDA for use by the general public,” it wrote in a statement.

“Our own medicines are not competitive with Bristols drugs and have not been tested to be effective against the drugs of its competitors.”

Glyphosate, an anti-inflammatory drug, was approved for sale by the US Food and Drug Administration last year.

Glucona, a generic drug, has also been approved in Europe and is being used to treat pain.

In the US there are several generic drugs that are being used in the treatment of a range of ailments including rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Myrin is not the only generic drug being targeted by Bristols rivals.

The American company Pfizer launched a ‘Mylan’s Cuttles’ campaign last year aimed at boosting sales of its own branded drugs.

The campaign features images of Bristol products, including a ‘slimmed down’ Bristol-Bristol-Myer and a ‘slimmer down’ generic drug.

“Mylan and its competitors are targeting patients with the latest, cutting-edge medicines for all their needs,” the company said in a news release.

“We stand ready to defend against their relentless assault on the world’s pharmaceutical companies.”

A spokesperson for Bristol-Irs Pharmaceuticals said the company had been working with Myslin to address the issue.

“It is disappointing to see that Bristol- Myers SquibBrisbury is using generic drug competition to attack our generic competition and it does not represent a strong commitment to our customers,” the spokesperson said.

“These are baseless claims made without any evidence to support them and have no basis in reality.”

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