Which companies are boosting their profits, and which are cutting jobs?

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Its global revenues in 2016 were around $2.8 trillion.

Its share of the global GDP was around 7 per cent, according to the World Bank.

And yet its profits have been plummeting, as a result of a series of regulatory measures taken by governments around the world to restrict the profitability of drug manufacturers.

This includes a ban on new medicines and a crackdown on patents, which have been used to block the development of new drugs.

As the industry is also becoming more reliant on imports, this may be a major factor behind the recent rise in drug prices.

A recent survey by the pharmaceutical trade association, the Pharmaceutical Industries Association of America (PIHA), found that companies were investing almost $6bn to improve the quality of their drugs.

But they are also investing heavily in their research, as they need to keep up with growing demand.

The latest figures from the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) show that the number of pharmaceutical patents that have been approved in the UK has more than doubled from 2,521 in 2015 to 4,621 in 2017.

The average patent is $6.1m per year, but in 2017, the average price per patent was $1.5m, according the MRC.

These trends may be slowing down, with the number and quality of new patents being increased, but the increase is still too slow to be sustainable.

Companies have been looking at alternative ways to boost their profits.

In 2017, Pfizer’s UK sales rose by 30 per cent in the year to March 31, the company said, while Bristol-Myers Squibb was up 12 per cent and Bristol-Palace was up 10 per cent.

Pfizer is also building a new UK headquarters and expanding its global operations in the city of Coventry, which has seen a rise in demand for its drugs.

Pfizer is already investing heavily to develop its new cancer drug, which it will use to treat patients with Stage III-IV prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, the UK’s government is trying to bring in a new regulation to prevent companies from dumping products that do not meet the UK drug approval standards.

This rule will make it more difficult for companies to produce or sell products that are not approved by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) because they do not comply with the standards.

According to the government, this new rule will prevent pharmaceutical companies from selling drugs that do in fact meet the requirements, because of the “disloyalty” of some pharmaceutical companies to UK regulatory agencies.

This has resulted in a significant increase in drug price hikes, and it is estimated that Pfizer alone will pay more than $300m for the drugs it sells.

And while the government has been attempting to rein in drug companies, it has been slow to act.

Last year, the US Treasury Department said that it had not received enough data to justify a crackdown.

Even before the new US regulations were announced, there was a lack of clarity around how to respond to the industry’s growing problems.

One of the first steps taken by the government was to announce a crackdown in July 2017.

But this only affected the manufacturers of new pharmaceuticals that had reached the US market, meaning many of the companies had not yet sold drugs in the country.

Another important step was taken in November, when the UK government announced that it would be introducing new rules for generic drugs, which means that companies would be allowed to sell cheaper versions of their products to the NHS.

This new law was accompanied by a crackdown of a number of smaller manufacturers, which led to the closure of several smaller companies, including AstraZeneca and AstraMed.

So, while the UK is still reeling from the impact of the recent drugs pricing increases, the government’s response has been to keep on investing in its own research.

Since the start of the year, UK pharmaceutical companies have invested $5.8bn to make their medicines more effective.

In 2017, these companies generated $4.9bn in revenues and invested $2bn in research.

The government expects to spend another $1bn this year, with an eye on boosting the pace of new discoveries.

What are the big problems in the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical sector is the largest employer in the US.

It employs approximately 13.6 million people, according an Associated Press report.

The UK employs around 2.3 million people in the same sector.

Drug companies are the largest employers in the manufacturing sector, with a total of over $9.3 trillion in sales.

This means that each company makes more than 4,000 pharmaceutical products.

However, the pharmaceutical sector has also had its share of problems.

As the industry has grown, the costs of drugs have increased.

Pharmaceutical companies have had to compete with one another for drugs, in order

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