What’s happening to Latvia’s pharmaceutical industry?

Latvian pharmaceutical manufacturers are struggling with the aftermath of a severe shortage of medicines due to the ongoing crisis in the pharmaceutical industry.

The crisis has been exacerbated by the European Union’s decision to stop reimbursing drug manufacturers for their work on the import of medicines.

The decision has meant the Latvians pharmaceutical industry has been hit by an unprecedented wave of shortage, with pharmaceutical manufacturers having to resort to importing new drugs from other countries.

According to the Latgian Pharmaceutical Association (LPA), there are currently no available medicines to be imported from outside the EU.

The LPA’s chief executive officer, Joanna Burdas, said that in the meantime, the country is struggling to find medicines that are still needed for the national economy.

“This has led to shortages in some areas, particularly in the fields of medicine and biosimilars, and it has led us to make the decision to temporarily halt all international drug imports.”

So that’s what has affected our production facilities in the last couple of months, so we have been forced to temporarily stop our exports.” “

In particular, the European Medicines Agency has announced that they’re withdrawing the approval of drugs that are currently imported into the country, and there’s a number that have not been approved at all.”

So that’s what has affected our production facilities in the last couple of months, so we have been forced to temporarily stop our exports.

“According the LPA, the situation is especially concerning in the case of biosimilar, which are the most expensive medicines in Latvia.

According to Burd as of this week, the production capacity for biosimilarents in Latvia was approximately 8,500 kilograms.

The Latvies biosimilared has been hampered by the lack of supplies due to a number inefficiencies in the production of the drugs.

According to Baulas, this has led some companies to reduce production, and this is causing the industry to be affected by the crisis.”

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have stopped production altogether.

They have also decided to import drugs from outside of the EU, which in turn has caused a significant decrease in production,” Baula said.

Burdas explained that the importation of new biosimilares is becoming difficult, and that the country’s export markets are also being affected by this.

The LPA reported that Latvia exported approximately 7,000 tonnes of biosimilar products to the European Market in 2017, with over half of those being pharmaceuticals, but according to Boulas, there has been a decline in exports.

While the Lpa’s chief economist, Lila Dyrmik, believes the situation may be a factor in the crisis, Burds is more concerned about the future of the Latvia pharmaceutical industry itself.”

The government is very concerned about this situation, and we are trying to provide them with the best possible solutions.

We are working on solutions and trying to create a better situation for the future.” “

And so the situation with the biosimilaring industry has become a real issue.

We are working on solutions and trying to create a better situation for the future.”

Baulas explained further that although the Lsa has been able to increase the production, there are still a number issues with the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

She said that there are several key issues with Latvia’s pharma industry, which have led to a lack of production capacity and also led to the loss of jobs.

“There are problems in our supply chain, we have to pay more attention to the quality of products being produced.

And then we also have a shortage of the medicines that we import, because they’re not being manufactured as they should be,” Burtas said.”

In the end, it’s about keeping things moving forward, and the more we can do, the better the situation for us.”

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