Pharma, the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Care In Depth

By now you probably know that pharma is a big business and it’s the biggest industry in America.

Its a $2 trillion industry, with more than 1,000 pharmaceutical companies, and over 50,000 employees.

The pharmaceutical industry generates $20 billion annually and employs about 3.5 million people in the United States.

Its important to understand how big the pharma industry really is, because the next time you hear someone talk about the health care industry, the next thing they’re going to say is that it’s not the healthiest, or the most efficient, or that its not the safest, or it’s less effective than it used to be.

This is all based on flawed assumptions and the pharmaceutical industry is the main reason why health care is such a mess right now.

It’s also a huge source of profits for the pharmaceutical companies. 

One of the biggest reasons that pharmas are so profitable is because of the government subsidies that they receive from the federal government.

As the number of people who get insurance grows, so does the number who get drugs.

The government gives out billions of dollars each year to pharmaceutical companies so that they can make money.

It is estimated that each pharmaceutical company spends $400 billion dollars every year in subsidies and marketing costs.

So the more people get health insurance, the more money they can get from the government to help cover the cost of their products. 

However, these subsidies also cause drug companies to make money because the government has to pay the drug companies for the use of the drugs that they make. 

In other words, the government is paying the drug company for the product that it manufactures.

The cost of producing the drug, of making the drug and the cost to the government for paying for that product has increased over the years. 

This means that if you make a drug, the drug industry has to produce a drug to make up the cost. 

But even if the drug is patented, the cost goes up because the drug has to be patented. 

The reason that this happens is because the pharmaceutical company has to compete with a lot of other companies that make the same drug.

If the pharmaceutical giant is able to sell more drugs, the other companies will lose money because they will have to make more drugs to compete. 

A few years ago, I wrote an article about the huge financial rewards that pharmaceutical companies are receiving for making their products, and I called it a financial bonanza for the drug makers.

I even mentioned how drug companies have a vested interest in making sure that they get the subsidies that make their products profitable. 

Now, this article has been widely circulated and has been discussed in the media, so I figured that it was time to take a look at how this all plays out for the health insurance industry. 

How is the health Insurance Industry funded? 

The pharmaceutical companies receive a huge amount of federal money. 

For every dollar of government funding that the pharmaceuticals get, they get a tax deduction.

This means that the government can make up for a lot of the cost that the drugmakers are going to incur in making their drugs. 

What happens when the drug costs more than the subsidy? 

When a drug is over $100,000, the federal tax credit kicks in, which is a huge boost to the health insurers.

So, a drug can cost $100K when it’s over $300,000. 

So, when the cost is over 300K, the insurance companies are going to raise their premiums and they’re not going to be able to afford the drugs they’re selling. 

Where does the money go? 

Now the pharmaceutical firms are able to take this money and use it to make their drugs even more expensive, so the health industry is paying for these drugs at a higher price. 

If the cost of drugs were $10,000 to $25,000 per pill, the pharmaceutical companies would be paying about $1,000 a pill for every pill that they sell. 

Why does this work? 

Because when the health insurer pays for the drugs, they pay a higher amount for each pill. 

When the price of the drug increases, the health plan has to absorb the higher cost of the pill.

So this means that when the price increases, more people are going buy the drugs.

But the drug firms still make more money.

When the price increases, they make more profits. 

Do the pharmaceutical giants actually get their money back? 


The federal government pays the pharmaceutical corporations to make drugs and to subsidize the drug manufacturers. 

At the end of the day, when you look at what pharmaceutical companies make, you can see that it is their profits that make them the biggest beneficiaries. 

Health insurance companies can profit from the high cost of drugs But does the federal health insurance subsidies work?


Insurance companies that receive government funding

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