When will we be able to buy Hydralazine?

An investigation by the Irish Examiner has revealed that the manufacturer of hydralazole, which is the drug used to treat seizures, is trying to avoid paying for the drug’s distribution in Ireland.

Hydralazine is used by doctors to treat patients who have been severely injured or who have severe brain damage and can no longer breathe.

It can be bought at pharmacies, but the supply is limited.

An investigation by Irish journalist, Sean Byrne, who was granted access to the company’s financial records, revealed that in February, a company called Hydralizap has applied to the Department of Health to have the drug distributed in Ireland by a licensed pharmacy in Galway.

The company has applied for a licence to distribute Hydralzap.

It is one of several companies who are trying to secure the necessary supply of Hydralazolide, which it claims is the world’s most effective and affordable treatment for the disease, which affects around 2.5 million people in Ireland every year.

Hydrolazole is used to manage seizures.

It has been available since 2006 in the US.

The Hydrolazolise company was granted a licence for the importation of the drug in August.

It says it has been in the country since December.

It was previously reported that the company had been seeking a licence from the Department to import hydrolazones from Mexico, but that request was not granted.

In its application for a license, Hydrolizap claimed that it had been in Ireland since December 2016 and that it is the only authorised manufacturer of Hydrolzap in Ireland, which also provides hydrolazine for treatment of the condition.

The Irish Examiner’s investigation revealed that Hydrolozap is not the only company that is seeking a hydrolization licence.

The report said that the Irish Medicines Directorate was investigating the possibility that Hydralozap and the other companies are not being treated in accordance with Irish regulations.

The investigation was carried out by a reporter from the Irish Times, Sean McAllister, who has reported extensively on the drugs industry.

Irish Medicines Director, John O’Sullivan, said the Department would look at the information contained in the documents, which are now available to the public.

“The Department of Justice has taken note of the information and is investigating,” he said.

“We are confident that all necessary steps are in place to protect the interests of patients, manufacturers and distributors of this drug.”

A spokesperson for Hydrolizo told the Irish Mail on Sunday: “We do not comment on individual investigations.”

In a statement issued by the Department for Public Expenditure and Reform, a spokesperson said: “The Department is aware of the Hydroliza-associated enquiry by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

This is being undertaken as a matter of urgency.”

An Garda spokesperson said that there are no current investigations into the company, but a spokesperson for the department said the department is not commenting on individual matters.

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