How to protect yourself against the new ransomware attack

Reuters/ABC News – Ransomware is a new form of cyberattack that is designed to extort money from businesses and individuals by demanding a ransom.

It’s being deployed to encrypt files and steal money.

In the latest attack, researchers from Germany’s Technische Universität (TU) said they had cracked a ransomware that had infected some of the computers used by some banks.

They said the malware was being used by a small group of cybercriminals to steal money from banks and businesses in Germany and other countries.

In addition, the TU researchers said they have also found a variant of the malware that was being deployed in China, and were working to get more details from Chinese authorities.

The malware encrypts files on the infected computers with a cryptographic key that is known only to the ransomware operators.

The ransomware encrypts data with the key to encrypt it.

However, the ransomware will encrypt files on a different computer, which makes it difficult to recover files from that computer.

The TU team said the ransomware was used by one individual to steal a total of €1,932 ($2,834) from a bank in Berlin.

In another attack, the researchers said a computer in Shanghai, China, was infected with the same ransomware that was used in Berlin, and that it had encrypted the file, but was now back at a bank.

The researchers said the infection was not random.

They said the attackers had been able to get access to the computer through a phishing email sent from a fake bank in China.

In a third attack, a computer infected in another part of the world was also targeted by the same malware.

The researchers said that the malware had been launched by an individual, who had successfully compromised a banking network.

The attacks have hit the banking sector hard.

A recent survey of the banking industry said more than half of banks said they were affected by the ransomware.

In March, a large cyberattack on a German company revealed data breach incidents of more than $400 million and more than 40 million records of customers.

The banking industry has been hit by several ransomware attacks in the past two years.

In April, cybercrimbs broke into the main office of Germany’s DHL and stole personal information of some 7 million customers.

In February, a group of criminals stole personal data from more than 100 million consumers and businesses.

In May, a ransomware attack on a bank took out credit card numbers, details on more than 5 million customers, and a bank’s email address and payment system.

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