How to avoid the “NHL lockout”

With the NHL’s 20th season under its belt, it is no surprise that the league has made some major changes to the way it manages its finances.

The league is making some changes to its revenue streams, including increasing the amount of money it pays to players and teams for the rights to use their names in advertising.

But the biggest change has been the introduction of a new contract that is supposed to save the league money, according to league executives.

The new deal will save the NHL $6.5 million per year in salary cap space, a number that will be increased to $7 million for the 2017-18 season, according the NHLPA.

The NHL is also making some concessions on player safety.

The lockout-related changes have already put the league on the defensive, with some players saying they are worried about getting injured during the lockout.

The New York Islanders, who are one of the league’s top teams, are the biggest beneficiaries of the new deal.

The team is expected to earn more than $4 million per season for the next two years.

The other big beneficiaries are the New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins, who will each earn more per season than $2 million, according a source with knowledge of the deal.

While the NHL is expected be able to make significant revenue gains in the next few years, it has to keep up with the demands of the growing television and digital audiences.

The league needs to maintain a strong enough television and radio presence to keep the audience engaged.

The salary cap is set to increase to $70 million in 2021-22, up from $55 million in 2020-21, according NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

That number will be set to double to $100 million by 2022-23, the NFLPA said.

The union’s president, Eric Johnson, said in a statement that he expects to see the NHL return to the top of the salary cap in 2022-22.

The salary cap will increase from $60 million in 2022 to $72 million in 2023-24, according an NFL source familiar with the situation.

Johnson also said that the new contract will be more flexible than the current one, which allows players to receive more money when they are injured during their playing careers.

The next major financial overhaul for the NHL comes in 2019-20.

The union says it is expecting the league to reduce the number of players who receive guaranteed money, which was the norm before the lockout, by half.

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