How to avoid the opioid crisis in Singapore

In Singapore, drug shortages have led to an explosion in the use of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that’s also a popular designer drug.

But that’s not the only way Singaporeans are using it.

The country is experiencing a surge in its use of oxycodone and a surge of fentanyl.

The problem is that there are too few doctors and too few pharmacies to cope with it all, according to a report from Singapore’s National Health Council.

The NHC has identified 1,000 pharmacies, and a whopping 1.2 million prescriptions are filled in Singapore each month.

This translates to an average of around 1.3 million oxycodones a month.

There are only about 7,000 pharmacists and only 2,000 licensed drug stores.

And Singaporeans have become so accustomed to the drug that they are often willing to pay a lot more for it than doctors and pharmacists.

But when the opioid is too dangerous to use, patients are forced to resort to the cheaper alternative, fentanyl.

As one pharmacy worker told the ABC: “They (prescribers) are telling us that the price is so cheap we need to buy more because the market is saturated and there are so many pills out there.”

This, says the NHC, is what is happening in Singapore.

Pharmacists and pharmacist groups in Singapore are now calling for urgent action.

They say they have heard from patients who have been overdosing on opioids but are reluctant to prescribe the drugs because of their high price.

This has led to a rise in fentanyl-related deaths in Singapore, with the government warning of an “unprecedented” rise in deaths due to fentanyl overdoses.

Pharmacist group leader Peter Dokkum, who is also a doctor and a member of the Pharmacy Guild, said the problem was due to a combination of factors, including a shortage of pharmacists, lack of doctors, a lack of pharmacist training, a shortage in the supply chain, and the fact that the government doesn’t do enough to ensure the safety of the drug.

“It is a very serious problem, and we will do whatever we can to solve it,” he said.

Pharmacy groups in Sydney and Melbourne are calling for the government to increase supply and regulation of the fentanyl market.

Pharmacies in New South Wales have also launched an investigation into fentanyl supply.

But while the drugs are becoming increasingly popular, the Australian pharmaceutical industry is not.

In a recent report, Pharmacy Australia revealed that the market for generic drugs is still dominated by generic companies, which are not required to test for fentanyl or to comply with drug safety requirements.

It’s a market dominated by Chinese firms, which do not have to test, or provide quality assurance to, the drugs they supply.

This is one of the reasons that generic drug companies are still a very lucrative business for them, said Pharmacy Association of Australia director-general David Lomax.

“We do not know exactly how much the Chinese companies are doing.

But the big pharmaceutical companies are certainly a significant part of that.”

So far, the NHS is only seeing an increase in fentanyl prescriptions in the country’s capital, Sydney.

“At the moment, we are seeing an escalation of the overdose deaths in Sydney,” Dr Lomay said.

“There are some people in the capital who are having fentanyl-induced respiratory problems, and there is a concern that some of those deaths are related to fentanyl use.”

He said it was not clear if the increase in prescriptions was due purely to the rise in drug use or the rise of fentanyl as a designer drug, as the government did not do enough.

But Dr Llomay added that it was a concern to him because the drug could have potentially deadly side effects, including the overdose of people with respiratory problems.

“That is what we need,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“And it is very, very worrying.”

Dr Lombro, who has written a book on fentanyl addiction, said that the growing number of people overdosing and dying from fentanyl was a “very worrying sign” for Australia.

“This is one thing that is very concerning to us,” he added.

“When you look at the global situation, you can see that the global trend is increasing overdose deaths.”

The NHS warns that drug misuse is a growing problem in Australia and that it is important to educate and inform people about the dangers of fentanyl and other designer drugs.

“The NHS recognises the risks associated with misuse of these drugs, including increased mortality, increased morbidity and increased costs to the health system,” a statement said.

It also pointed out that the rise was a problem because of the lack of effective treatment options.

But it is also concerned that it could also be a growing trend in Australia.

Dr L Lombro said the rise is “very concerning” and he has spoken to people who are taking drugs they shouldn’t and are “doing very poorly”.

He said if the trend continues, it could lead to a “fatal outcome

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